About Lunch

Breakfast is basic. Dinner, an event, often shared, a date, a family, full plates and conversation. Let’s think about lunch and reading. The books, the poems, the essays, the films, the albums we love. Let’s think about both adoration for these texts and critique: responses somewhere between memoir and review. Let’s linger, though maybe we shouldn’t. Let’s do lunch.

Lunch is Punctum Book’s forum for askew reviews: love letters, personal essays, poems, pictures, and art about texts that make you stay for dessert. Scholarly meanderings that do not push the personal aside, but instead, enfold the experiential into the analytical. We invite submissions potluck style: essays of fewer than 2,000 words; poems, formal and free-verse and experimental; art that can be linked to or turned into a .jpg. Questions can be asked and reservations can be made by contacting the editor, D. Gilson.

For an insight into our aesthetic, check out our manifesto.

We know that breakfast is basic, dinner is for family, lovers, a date or a warm gathering. As for lunch, what do we often think about? Sunshine, sky, showers or a poem?