ditty for moving to Boston - Lunch Review

the harbor
islands don’t
stink at all!
57˚ F spoke to Patrick
about a walking book and
dogtown. we’re going
if only Khrushchev were coming
to Boston today or
Gorbachev everything
is coming up glasnost and perestroika


Daniel C. Remein is the author of the chapbook Pearl (Organism for Poetic Research). His poems also crop up in a bunch of magazines including the Sensation Feelings Journal, Lit, Kadar Koli, Tag, and The Internal Leg and Cutlery Preview (from Critical Documents in the UK). He is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Massachusetts Boston, a co-editor of eth Press: Postmedieval Poetries, and edits the very occasional magazine Whiskey & Fox.

Lunch Review

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