“In Virtual Air.” Lunch. 13 August 2018.

In Virtual Air is a poem written by Margaret Atwood. The poem is about a person who is living in a virtual world where they can fly. The poem describes the person's feeling of freedom and joy when they are flying. They feel like they are free from the limitations of their physical body. The poem also describes the person's feelings of loneliness and isolation when they are not flying. They feel like they are missing out on the world around them. In the end, the poem speaks to the human need for connection and love. It is a powerful poem that speaks to our need for connection with others, even in a virtual world.

In "Virtual Air", Sallie Tisdale explores the ways in which our modern world has become increasingly reliant on technology. She begins by discussing the history of air travel, describing how it has transformed from a luxurious mode of transportation to a necessary one. Tisdale then turns her attention to the present day, where she argues that our lives have become so entwined with technology that we can no longer imagine living without it. She writes, "We have come to think of air not as something to be breathed but as something that surrounds us and carries us along." In other words, we have become so accustomed to technology that it has become an invisible part of our lives. Tisdale ends her essay by asking what will happen when.

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