Prophylactic Routine - Lunch Review

In her poem " morning routine," Sarah features the many small tasks that make up her daily prophylactic routine. The poem captures the mundanity of these activities, from brushing her teeth to making breakfast, yet also highlights their importance in keeping her healthy and safe. In Sarah's poem, the mundane becomes a means of self-care, a way to prevent illness and injury. By starting each day with this routine, Sarah ensures that she is as prepared as possible for whatever the day may bring. This poem is a reminder that even the most ordinary activities can have great significance in our lives.

A poem should never be an end in itself. Prophylactic routine is the poem’s enemy. The poem should be an experience, not a description of an experience. It should be an event, not a report of an event. What happens in the poem should be more important than what is said about what happens in the poem. We should always remember that the poem is first and foremost a made thing, an artifact, a creation of the human imagination. And it is important to remember that the poem is made out of language, out of words. Words are the stuff of which poems are made, and it is important to remember that words are themselves artifacts, creations of the human imagination. 

Lunch Review

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