Three Reasons for the Pot Burned Up on the Stove - Lunch Review

 an erasure of Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road”

The screen
a vision across
the lonely
that I want you
I face
what I'm here for
ain't that

The roses waste
beneath this
chance to make
the window
Heaven, lying out
like a kill.

It’s late.
I ain't broken
in the eyes.
I burned
your name in the street. 


Seth Pennington is publisher & designer at Sibling Rivalry Press, which he runs with his husband, Bryan Borland. He co-edited Joy Exhaustible, an anthology highlighting the writing of gay publishers and editors & was associate editor of Assaracus, the world’s only print journal dedicated exclusively to the gay poet. His poetry has appeared as a broadside via Stillhouse Press and in HIV Here and Now, The Good Men Project, and Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed.

Lunch Review

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